Phil 8.20.20


  • I’m a little angry today. I was engaging with a Trump supporter and they wanted to know how things would have been better under Biden. So, based on how the Obama administration handled SARS and Ebola (very well), I thought I’d try mapping a democracy that is handling the pandemic very well, which is South Korea. Both the USA and S. Korea had their first case on the same day, so it is very easy to line up the data, and then scale the S. Korean results to match the population of the USA (About 6.4). The results are staggering:
  • I need to write up a longer post on this and annotate the charts, but the conclusion is stark: the mismanagement of the pandemic by the administration has led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people who might otherwise be alive today

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  • December 7 – 10 2020


  • Write some content for the dimension reduction and emergence chapters – made good progress


  • Created copies of the table_moves table for the 400, 200, 100, and 50 models. It’s easy!
  • Generating text for table_moves_400 – done
  • Generating text for table_moves_200


  • 10:00 meeting with Vadim
    • Progress! Trying for a Yaw flip tomorrow
  • 2:00 status meeting


  • 5:30 Meeting

Leaving today with this