Phil 8.18.20


  • Downloading COVID files for storage and training
  • Writing parser and DB store


  • Stop the translator and find the 60 quotes
    • Everyone gets 15 quotes to translate
    • Everyone reviews all other translations and grades them on a 1-10 scale
    • Compare human and machine results


  • 2:00 meeting with Vadim. Hopefully we’ll have a table of values
  • Working on the projections on the axis:
  • Still need to adjust so all angles are less than 90 by negating one of the axis (or the vector. It would have to be extended though)
  • The percentage of the contribution per axis is going to be something like
    • 1.0 – axis angle / (normalized sum of angles)
  • So if the angles are 50, 52, 62, the contributions would be
  • Nope, realized that I want to take the cosine with respect to the axis of interest. So it’s this:

Food shopping!

4:00 ML Seminar

  • Present slides, get feedback on paper and presentation – done!
  • Train models with different sizes of data and see how the models behave with respect to the legal moves and spectral qualities