Phil 8.17.20

A college kid’s fake, AI-generated blog fooled tens of thousands. This is how he made it.

  • The trick to generating content without the need for much editing was understanding GPT-3’s strengths and weaknesses. “It’s quite good at making pretty language, and it’s not very good at being logical and rational,” says Porr. So he picked a popular blog category that doesn’t require rigorous logic: productivity and self-help.

GPT-2 Agents

  • Slides – Done!?
  • Start writing code to store JSON in db


  • Translation is chunking along a but faster now that I’m generating 20 translations per batch


  • 2:00 Meeting with Vadim
    • The rotations all look good
    • Explained the 3 vector reference frame rotation approach
    • V will characterize each RW, and then we’ll try to spin the vehicle in the XY plane