Phil 6.23.20

Oh, look, we’re not going to let smart, motivated people into the country and sabotage our future because, I dunno, being xenophobic trumps everything?

Collective Intelligence 2020

  • You can watch all the keynotes on our YouTube channel.
  • Conference proceedings (papers & presentations) are online here.

GPT-2 Agents

  • Working on getting Gephi installed and running everywhere.
  • Next is  to export graphs from networkx. Done! A little tricky. I’m using a dictionary attached to each node to store the pieces that traversed that particular edge, but the exporter chokes on that. So I have to create a new graph without the dict and export that. It looks pretty good too!


  • I’m going to import that into Illustrator and see if I can build a (distorted) chessboard. Here’s the result:


  • To get a sense of how this relates back to the ground truth of the chessboard, the red lines are the columns of the board (a – h) and the green lines are the rows (1 – 8). Here’s the comparison with the actual board:


  • It’s clearly a grid. The opposite corners are far away from each other. The left (queen) side of the board is more complicated, which may be because of the queen?
  • I had a chat with Aaron about all of this and I think the next step is to show that this map can be used for meaningful navigation. Consider the following two trajectories from opposite sides of the map:


  • These are the kind of trajectories that you’d like to be able to plot on a map. Let’s say you’re on square A1, and you’re on a rook. For you, only row 1 and column A are directly accessible. But maybe you could ride a bishop from A3 to F8, then take a king the rest of the way. Now, the shortest number of moves could be to take the rook from A1 to A8 to H8, but the journey would cover a greater distance. In terms of belief space, you would not be making incremental shifts to your understanding, you would be making two, equally large jumps that combined are roughly 1.4 times farther than the more direct route. That’s the difference between navigating in space vs navigating in a network.
  • I think the next step is to write an app that reads in the GEFX files, which contain location information and link them back to the database, so it’s possible to plot a beginning and an ending, and have the app figure out the legal moves that move you near that line towards your destination.
  • After that, it’s time to finetune the NN on the antibubbles corpora and see if the same thing can be done.


  • Need to record a video of my talk for GVSETS
  • Sent a copy to Aaron for SBIR
  • Started looking at the SBIR materials

ML Seminar