Phil 6.9.20

I’ve been thinking about writing a paper about how the development of conspiracy theories resembles the mode collapse condition in GAN creation. There is some recent research in the GAN community on developing tools for detecting mode collapse (Jai & Zhao, 2019) that I think could be extended to identifying conspiracy theories and the processes that create them. Maybe for ICTAI 2020?

Studying Programming in the Neuroage: Just a Crazy Idea?

  • What we were proposing to do was simple yet ambitious. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging, we might better understand what goes on in the minds of programmers as they read and understand code.
  • The results indicated that a specific network of brain areas in the left hemisphere was used by participants to understand code, including areas related to working memory, divided attention, and reading comprehension. Surprisingly, we did not observe cognitive processes related to mathematical and logical reasoning, which would be consistent with the perspective that programming is a formal, logical, and mathematical process.


  • Start storing data!


  • Try new probes – done!
    probe_list = ['The game begins as ', 'In move 10', 'In move 20', 'In move 30', 'In move 40', 'White takes black ', 'Black takes white ', 'Check. ']
  • Added the raw text to the table_moves instead of comments. Here’s the new and improved:


  • Start thinking about metrics, like adjacency matrices by piece?
  • Build gensim embeddings of games and pieces
  • Build agent network graphs by piece type and from/to


  • Nothing back from Vadim, so I think I’ll continue on my Wasserstein Loss algorithm
  • Hey! The DevLab Influx is reachable again!


  • Going to take advantage of this and find more mnemonics, Done!
  • Now I need to figure out a good way to pull down the data and load it on my system
  • Working on DevLabInfluxQuery class that extends InfluxQuery. Done, but fails with one of these exceptions:
    • Unable to parse CSV response. FluxTable definition was not found.
    • Connection aborted.’, TimeoutError(10060, ‘A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond’, None, 10060, None)
    • Tried upgrading my influxdb-client (pip install –upgrade influx-client) from 1.5 to 1.9. Hopefully i didn’t break too much. Didn’t fix it with that, but I got the port number for Boris, which fixed things


ML seminar

  • Discussed options for visualizing relationships between nodes. Starting with just straightforward plotting of connected nodes. Also, plotting by piece. Another option is to use the gensim library to do a word2vec embedding and visualize it. I think I’ll start there because I’m curious.
  • To improve the embedding, it might be useful to generate entire games and parse them.