Phil 6.8.20

Not at all happy with this COVID weight gain. My preferred stress management tool is exercise, but I’m at a minimum of 20 miles/day. Usually about 100 miles+ on weekends.

Starting to think about writing something on the ethics of mode collapse



GPT-2 Agents

  • Back to pulling move and piece information out of generated text – done
  • Added heuristic for move number
  • Created dicts for db data. Add writes tomorrow!


  • Adding read tests – done! Had to screw around with utc conversions for a while
    • Writes are roughly 1/2 sec per 1,000
    • Reads are about 2/100 sec per 1,000
  • Tried to log in and get on the devlab influx system – nope:

bad gateway

  • Trying to figure out what makes sense to do next. Ping Vadim? Done