Phil 4.13.20

That was a very solitary weekend. I fixed some bikes, planted some herbs and vegetables, cleaned house, and procrastinated about pretty much everything else. I pinged Don and Wayne about D20 ideas, and got a ping for more info from Don, then silence. Everyone seems to be wrapped up tight in their worlds.

And for good reason. Maryland is looking grim:



  • Worked with Zach to get states in. It’s working!


COVID Twitter

  • Went looking for new data to ingest, but didn’t see anything new? It wasn’t there yet. Ingesting now
  • 1:30 Meeting


  • Reading through paper and pulling out all the parts from Simple Trick
  • Ping Antonio to let him know I’m working


  • Get absolute queries working in InfluxDB2. It took some looking, but here’s an example from the API reference on range(). Done!
    • Everything is in GMT. As usual, the parser is picky about the format, which is ISO-8601:
      range_args = "start:2020-04-13T13:30:00Z, stop:2020-04-13T13:30:10Z"
  • Start on TF2/GANs for converting square waves to noisy sin waves of varying frequencies using saved InfluxDB data
    • First, pull a square, sin, and noisy sin and plot using matplotlib so we know we have good vectors. Success!