Phil 4.9.20


  • Start putting together a submission for ACM IX?
  • There are a lot of countries. Below are just the ones that start with a “C”. Maybe we need a GIS interface? Centering on your location? We could adjust the sorting based on radial distance?


COVID Misinfo. Mostly just flailing today to make up for my highly productive yesterday


  • I got asynchronous mode working:
    write_options = WriteOptions(batch_size=200,
    write_api = client.write_api(write_options=write_options)
    for i in range(len(self.measurement_list)):
        t = self.measurement_list[i]
        p = Point(, t[0]).time(t[1])
        for key, val in self.tags_dict.items():
            p.tag(key, val)
        write_api.write(bucket=bucket_name, record=p)
        print("to_influx {}".format(p.to_line_protocol()))
  • I had a scare that I was dropping data silently, but it was just outside of the time window for the query
  • Weird problem with tags. It appears that the value part can’t be unique for every row? I wanted to label samples uniquely, but it seems to corrupt the read somehow
  • Queries
  • Work with Biruh to figure out his Influx issues? Nope, ghosted for now
  • 11:00 IRAD Meeting
  • 2:00 NOAA Meeting
    • Just status. Clearly everything is sliding