Phil 4.8.20


  • Talk to Zach about chart size bug?
    • Yes! The charts are fixed. We also went through the rest of the punch list.
    • Had to update the json file to handle date and other meta information
  • We are going to need a top level dashboard, something like number of countries in the DANGER, WARNING, and CONTROLLED buckets

COVID Twitter

  • Continue getting spreadsheets ingested.
  • Got the first one in, trying all of them now. Had to remember about INSERT IGNORE
  • It’s chugging along!


  • Got the db behaving! influxWithData
  • The first and most important thing is that you have to multiply unixtime by 1,000,000,000 for it to work. Got that from this page in the 1.7 guide
  • Second is how tags can be added in code:
    p = Point(, t[0]).time(t[1])
    for key, val in self.tags_dict.items():
        p.tag(key, val)

    That’s pretty nice.

  • Another nice feature that I discovered looking through the code is that there is a to_line_protocol() method, which produces correct lines. It looks like the InfluxDB parser doesn’t like spaces. Here’s an example of correct lines that I am reading in:
    measure_1,tagKey_1=tagValue_11,tagKey_2=tagValue_12,tagKey_3=tagValue_13 val_1=0.0 1586352302000000000
    measure_1,tagKey_1=tagValue_11,tagKey_2=tagValue_12,tagKey_3=tagValue_13 val_1=0.09983341664682815 1586352312000000000
    measure_1,tagKey_1=tagValue_11,tagKey_2=tagValue_12,tagKey_3=tagValue_13 val_1=0.19866933079506122 1586352322000000000
    measure_1,tagKey_1=tagValue_11,tagKey_2=tagValue_12,tagKey_3=tagValue_13 val_1=0.29552020666133955 1586352332000000000
    measure_1,tagKey_1=tagValue_11,tagKey_2=tagValue_12,tagKey_3=tagValue_13 val_1=0.3894183423086505 1586352342000000000
    measure_1,tagKey_1=tagValue_11,tagKey_2=tagValue_12,tagKey_3=tagValue_13 val_1=0.479425538604203 1586352352000000000

    The reason that I’m reading in data is that the direct, SYNCHRONOUS writes to the database are pretty slow. Looking into that.

  • Coming up next, queries