Phil 2.27.20

ASRC GOES 7:00 – 8:00



  • Meeting with Wayne. I got the (preliminary)
    • Combine the Limitations and Future Work chapters into a new chapter that explores where my research has landed. I think that a beachhead analogy might work here.
      • Preliminary, early work that lives in the space between computational sociology and HCC (socio-technical, from From Keyword Search to Exploration). Add discussions about wormholes, weathermaps, and maps that connect distant places, like air travel maps.
      • Diversity science
      • Gathering data on online consensus in various sized groups and within different cultures
      • Extending simulations into human belief spaces, such as with GPT-2 agents
    • Add a “my hut, revisited” section to the contributions that discusses the contributions from the perspective of the spaces defined by Kauffman, Martindale, and Bacharach in particular, but also the literature in general

Tie into this as well

Some general reworking of the contributions text to reflect the slides: This also requires expansion of the current text in CH11. In particular slides 49-52 are a stronger synopsis than is provided in your CH10 discussion. Slides 53-56 are a more thoughtful framing of your contributions, both theoretical and practical (can you weave this back in your literature from CH2 to show specific knowledge contribution?). The “bookend” revisiting ofthe trustworthy anonymous citizen journalism was also more effective in the presentation than the document. Consider capturing this.