Phil 1.19.19

Listening to World Affairs Council

In today’s reality, democracy no longer ends with a revolution or military coup, but with a gradual erosion of political norms. As a growing number of countries are chipping away at liberally democratic values, are these institutions safe from elected, authoritarian leaders? Daniel Ziblatt, professor at Harvard University and co-author of How Democracies Die, discusses the future of liberal democracies with World Affairs CEO Jane Wales.

This is connecting with Clockwork Muse. Martindale talks about the oscillation between primordial and stylistic change. Primordial is big jumps on a rugged fitness landscape and stylistic change is hill climbing through refinement. In politics, this may compare to reactionary/populist – big jumps to simpler answers and progressivism which is hill climbing to locally optimal solutions. In both cases, the role of habituation and arousal potential are important. Elites making incremental progress is not exciting. MAGA is exciting, and for both sides.