Phil 1.4.19

7:00 – 5:30 ASRC NASA

  • Ping Shimei – Tuesday at 4:00
  • Ping Don – Wednesday at 4:00
  • Hammerhead – print shipping label. Use Karoo box on bookshelf
  • Antibubbles is coming along really well. If Saturday is really going to be a rainy day, maybe get started on the PHP story code? Note: Check in the html source how pictures are referenced
  • Try changing the error chart so that each sample is a seperate line (along with the average?) Done. I like this a lot! outputerror
  • Walk through SimpleLayer in the order that it’s used
    • Creation
    • Training
    • Learning
    • Graphing
  • Beat on the prediction plumbing with Aaron. The parts that collect the error and produce a forecast are there, but not working right?