Phil 10.21.18

Finished Meltdown. Need to write up some notes.

Think about using a CMAC or Deep CMAC for function learning, because NIST. Also, can it be used for multi-dimensional learning?

  • Cerebellar model articulation controller
  • Adaptive Noise Cancellation Using Deep Cerebellar Model Articulation Controller
  • RCMAC Hybrid Control for MIMO Uncertain Nonlinear Systems Using Sliding-Mode Technology
    • A hybrid control system, integrating principal and compensation controllers, is developed for multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) uncertain nonlinear systems. This hybrid control system is based on sliding-mode technique and uses a recurrent cerebellar model articulation controller (RCMAC) as an uncertainty observer. The principal controller containing an RCMAC uncertainty observer is the main controller, and the compensation controller is a compensator for the approximation error of the system uncertainty. In addition, in order to relax the requirement of approximation error bound, an estimation law is derived to estimate the error bound. The Taylor linearization technique is employed to increase the learning ability of RCMAC and the adaptive laws of the control system are derived based on Lyapunov stability theorem and Barbalat’s lemma so that the asymptotical stability of the system can be guaranteed. Finally, the proposed design method is applied to control a biped robot. Simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed control scheme for the MIMO uncertain nonlinear system
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