Phil 2.23.18

6:30 – 8:30, 11:00 – 5:00 ASRC MKT

  • Graphstream with javafx?
  • Learning to Cooperate, Compete, and Communicate
    • Multiagent environments where agents compete for resources are stepping stones on the path to AGI. Multiagent environments have two useful properties: first, there is a natural curriculum — the difficulty of the environment is determined by the skill of your competitors (and if you’re competing against clones of yourself, the environment exactly matches your skill level). Second, a multiagent environment has no stable equilibrium: no matter how smart an agent is, there’s always pressure to get smarter. These environments have a very different feel from traditional environments, and it’ll take a lot more research before we become good at them.
  • Storytelling and Politics: How History, Myths and Narratives Drive Our Decisions (video)
    • A narrative with historical overtones, an emotive connection and credibility not only convinces people, it frames the points of reference they use to evaluate the decision they are being asked to make.
    • Logos Pathos Ethos?
  • Continuing with rewrite. Had to fire up the MiKTex admin console to install wrapfig. Permissions issue?
    • Need to take the description of the maps at the end of the results section and turn into a paragraph.
  • Walk through of presentation this afternoon. Need to set up a skype session and bridge. Went well, I need to make a few fixes. Most importantly I need to put together a 2×2 payoff matrix that covers nomad/flock/stampede