Phil 2.22.18

7:00 – ASRC MKT

  • Long chat with Wajant about the CI 2018 paper. going to work up a new version
    • Started in Docs, but wound up saving out and reworking the LaTex version to keep track of the length.
  • Coincidentally, ONR is soliciting white papers for theoretically-based decision making tools. Five pages plus references for the paper, and a one-page resume.
    • The 5-page body of the white paper shall include the following information:
      • Principal Investigator(s);
      • Relevance of the proposed effort to the research areas described in Section II; (Topic 2, Research Focus Area 1)
        • relationship of the proposed work to current state of art.
      • Technical objective of the proposed effort;
      • Technical approach that will be pursued to meet the objective;
      • A summary of recent relevant technical breakthroughs; and
      • A funding plan showing requested funding per fiscal year.
  • Need to register for TF conference when Aaron gets in. Got hotel and $$ approval.
  • More dimension reduction and belief vectors on twitter

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