Phil 1.22.18

7:00 – 4:00 ASRC MKT

  • Continuing Beyond Individual Choice
  • Pinged Kate Starbird to see if she has any time-series data that could be used to build maps
  • Parametrizing Brexit: Mapping Twitter Political Space to Parliamentary Constituencies
    • In this paper, a proof of concept study is performed to validate the use of social media signal to model the ideological coordinates underpinning the Brexit debate. We rely on geographically-enriched Twitter data and a purpose-built, deep learning algorithm to map the political value space of users tweeting the referendum onto Parliamentary Constituencies. We find a significant incidence of nationalist sentiments and economic views expressed on Twitter, which persist throughout the campaign and are only offset in the last days when a globalist upsurge brings the British Twittersphere closer to a divide between nationalist and globalist standpoints. Upon combining demographic variables with the classifier scores, we find that the model explains 41% of the variance in the referendum vote, an indication that not only material inequality, but also ideological readjustments have contributed to the outcome of the referendum. We conclude with a discussion of conceptual and methodological challenges in signal-processing social media data as a source for the measurement of public opinion.
  • Nice little echo chamber to study: Why 9/11 Truthers Are Obsessed With the Plasco High-Rise Fire in Tehran
    • One month after the fire, AE911Truth released a paper confirming its own unsolicited suggestion that the Plasco building was demolished with pre-planted explosives. Most of the links in footnotes of the paper point to YouTube videos and the organization’s own PDF documents. As proof of its claims, it cites puffs of smoke emanating from the collapsing building (demolition squibs), large clouds of dust and ash (proof of highly energetic explosive material), and the presence of supposedly molten material in the debris pile (nano-thermite’s persistent exothermic reaction). Since truthers made these exact same observations about WTC7, and since WTC7 must have been a controlled demolition, then clearly the Plasco Building was demolished as well. In a perfect infinite loop of anti-logic—like a snake slithering into its own asshole—an exact refutation of AE911Truth’s beliefs has instead vindicated them completely.
  • Good quick view into the left/right views of the Trump presidency year one:
    • o-brodner0121-web
    • o-lester0121full
  • Good progress on Angular. Since I’m using the CLI, I was having issues with getting to assets. Jeremy was able to guide me to the angular-cli.json file, which had all the hidden knowledge.
  • Discussion with Aaron about the product baseline