Phil 10.19.17

7:00 – 2:00 ASRC MKT

  • Read this in Understanding Ignorance last night in the section The Ethics of Belief: Beliefs are factive; they aspire to truth. It would he absurd, as the British philosopher Moore observed, to say “It is raining, but I don’t believe it is raining.” To believe is to take to be true. Beliefs may be false, however, and they may be false without being morally wrong. Yet there are beliefs we judge to be morally wrong.
  • Thinking about the relationship of trust and awareness. Assume there is some function f() that maps trust and awareness to the same scale of [0.0, 1.0] (LaTex):
    • Where behavior is near 1.0, behavior is healthy, since awareness and trust are aligned. You can have low awareness and low trust or high awareness and high trust.
    • As trust approaches zero, there is a tendency towards skepticism. As trust approaches 1.0, there is a tendency towards gullibility.
    • As awareness approaches 1.0, there is also a tendency towards skepticism. But if awareness nears zero while trust is any larger value, behavior approaches infinity, which is the stampede state.
    • I think I can incorporate this into the polarization model
  • Set up MySQL and the polarizationgameone database. Ooops, the view is slightly out of date. Need to commit the last changes!
  • Starting with RedBeanPHP tutorials.
  • Pretty cool. This creates an entry in the db:
    R::setup( 'mysql:host=localhost;dbname=polarizationgameone', 'xxx', 'yyy' );
    $book = R::dispense( 'book' );
    $book->title = 'Learn to Program2';
    $book->rating = 20;
    $book->price = 29.99;
    $id = R::store($book);
  • This finds and prints:
    $books = R::find( 'book' );
    foreach ($books as $b){
        printf("book[%d] title = %s, price = %.2f, rating = %d\n",
            $b->id, $b['title'], $b['price'], $b['rating']);
  • find() has a second argument that is SQL, so you can do things like $book  = R::find( ‘book’, ‘ rating > 4 ‘). There is a third argument for bound values, e.g. $books = R::find( ‘book’, ‘ title LIKE ? ‘, [ ‘Learn to%’ ] ).
  • find works with views as well, but there has to be an integer ‘id’ field

2:00 – 4:30 IRAD? Working on A2P material