Phil 9.19.17

6:30 – ASRC MKT

  • 10:00 status meeting
  • Thinking about going to DC for lunch
  • Matthew Zefferman
    • I am a quantitative social scientist who uses mathematical models and ethnographic field research to understand human ultrasociality – our ability to organize ourselves into societies capable of large-scale cooperation and large-scale conflict – especially in the contexts of war, political organization, and environmental sustainability.
    • I like the term ultrasociality, it captures some of the large-scale effects I’m looking at.
  • NIMBios (Matthew Zefferman spent some time here) Has kind of a Max Planck vibe?infog_new
  • Speaking of which, the logo for the Couzin Lab at Max Planck is a perfect explore/exploit icon: couzin-lab
  • Working on paper. Currently loading up Illustrator and IntelliJ to see which comes up first. Illustrator wins! I really need another monitor now…
    • Finished the methods/simulation section Starting on the pattern detection section