Phil 9.6.17

7:30 – 6:00 ASRC IRAD

  • Brief financial panic this morning.
  • Need to figure out what the CHIIR paper is.
    • Running analytics on the LitReview folder
    • Need to clean up the C&C pfds
    • Brought in Sunstein, M&R and Cohen
    • Added Shared neural mechanisms underlying social warmth and physical warmth.
    • Here’s the LMN of the current normalized lit review: LMN_LitReview
    • Got the problem with the null pointer again. Seems to have something to do with a cleaned table. Maybe there is a missing word/paper?
    • Going to give Forces behind food habits and methods of change a skim. From 1943! M&D spend a lot of time on it in C&C.
      • Channel theory seems to be an archaic definition. In the paper, channels are ‘pathways’ that items move along, in this case from the source (store, farm, etc) to table. items move step by step through a channel and items are resisted or assisted by forces that have varying levels of alignment. There are also gatekeepers.
      • In P&RCH, the channels would be the IR system and the UI. Channel forces are different for lists, stories and maps.
      • Food outside and within consideration. Physical availability is not the only factor which determines availability of food to the individual. One of the determining factors is “cultural availability.” There are many edible materials which people never even consider for use because they do not think of them as food for themselves.
    • Grinding along with the paper