Phil 8.15.17

7:00 – 8:00 Research

8:30 – 6:00 BRI

  • Remembered my bike shoes, but it may rain all day
  • Wrote up a note to T about burning PhD hours for the Oct1 CHIIR paper deadline
  • Need to write up the dev plan for GeoMesa into the EIP pattern (include a strawman use case?)
  • Back to learning Spring
  • And here is a way to populate a nested bean:
    <bean id="countryParent" abstract="true" class="org.springframework.chapter2.pojos.EmployeeImpl"><!-- this just gets one abstract class implementation -->
        <property name="country" value="USA"/>
    <bean id="employeeServiceBean"
        <property name="employeeList">
                <bean parent="countryParent" class="org.springframework.chapter2.pojos.EmployeeImpl">
                    <property name="employeeAge" value="10"/>
                    <property name="employeeName" value="Ten Tin"/>
                    <property name="employeeId" value="1"/>
                <bean parent="countryParent" class="org.springframework.chapter2.pojos.EmployeeImpl">
                    <property name="employeeAge" value="11"/>
                    <property name="employeeName" value="Eleven Even"/>
                    <property name="employeeId" value="2"/>
                <bean parent="countryParent" class="org.springframework.chapter2.pojos.EmployeeImpl">
                    <property name="employeeAge" value="12"/>
                    <property name="employeeName" value="Twelve Elve"/>
                    <property name="employeeId" value="3"/>
  • That sends the instanced objects to setEmployeeList that has to take a list of objects. To get it typed, I did this:
    public void setEmployeeList(List<Object> employeeList) {
        for(Object o : employeeList){
            Employee e = (Employee)o;
  • A typed employee is added as follows:
    public void setEmployee(Employee employee) {
  • IntelliJ will extract an interface and rename your class. How cool!
  • Printed, signed and scanned my credit card agreement.

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