Phil 5.23.18

7:00 – 8:00 Research

  • Reworking the poster using the research browser and found this:
    • Emergence of metapopulations and echo chambers in mobile agents. Just from reading the abstract, their model is more complex, but similar results? Multi-agent models often describe populations segregated either in the physical space, i.e. subdivided in metapopulations, or in the ecology of opinions, i.e. partitioned in echo chambers. Here we show how both kinds of segregation can emerge from the interplay between homophily and social influence in a simple model of mobile agents endowed with a continuous opinion variable. In the model, physical proximity determines a progressive convergence of opinions but differing opinions result in agents moving away from each others. This feedback between mobility and social dynamics determines the onset of a stable dynamical metapopulation scenario where physically separated groups of like-minded individuals interact with each other through the exchange of agents. The further introduction of confirmation bias in social interactions, defined as the tendency of an individual to favor opinions that match his own, leads to the emergence of echo chambers where different opinions coexist also within the same group. We believe that the model may be of interest to researchers investigating the origin of segregation in the offline and online world.

8:30 – 5:00 BRC

  • Spent most of the day getting the development environment up and running on all the code.
  • Built a ‘dev file’ that fits on a thumb drive and contains versions of all the dev tools, SDKs and libraries. Was hampered by very slow internet. The workstation should go quicker as a result, though
  • Meeting with Theresa, Bob, Shawn, Aaron and Ellis. I think we laid out the dev process and it’s associated constraints. Shawn will go get us data to characterize, and Eli will get some ICU(?) data containing ICD codes.