Phil 4.7.17

7:15 – 8:15 Research

  • So this happened: Dozens of U.S. Missiles Hit Air Base in Syria. Wonder how it will play out. Like Infinite Reach? That actually had more justification, since Americans were killed in the preceding events…
  • Direction matching for sparse movement datasets: determining interaction rules in social groups Data is here, in the very cool Movebank. Reminds me of GLOBE
  • Still working on getting paper submitted. Word is hanging, which is weird.
  • The APS journal submissions login page is here
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  • Getting PDF conversion errors. Not sure what to do next…
    WARNING: Supplemental file: ModelingGroupPolarizationNotes.bib.
    Checking figure order in 'ModelingGroupPolarization.tex'...
    PDF file creation failed:
    ERROR: Following figure files not called into TeX:
    AND TeX file calls in the following missing figure files:
    Please check and fix these file names.

8:30 – 2:30 BRC

  • Imperative programming in TensorFlow
  • Working on reading in the old integrity as a DataFrame from Excel
  • Had to install xlrd
  • TypeError: Image data can not convert to float. This pattern seems useful:
    mat = df.as_matrix()  # get the data matrix
    mat = mat.astype(np.float64)  # force it to float64
    df.update(mat)  # replace the 'float' mat with the 'float64' mat
  • Well, it was before, but now it won’t update the int64 to float 64. This worked though. When in doubt build a new mat
    mat = mat.astype(np.float64)  # force it to float64
    indices = df.index.values
    cols = df.columns.values
    df = pandas.DataFrame(mat, indices, cols)
  • Got the data in though. Interesting.This is the densest corner of the sorted matrix: integrity