Aaron 3.21.17

Missed my blog yesterday as I got overwhelmed with a bunch of tasks. I’ll include some elements here:

  • KeyGeneratorLibrary
    • I got totally derailed for multiple hours as one of the core libraries we use throughout the system to generate 128-bit non-crypto hashes for things like rowIds had gotten thoroughly dorked up. Someone had accidentally dumped 70 mb of binary unstructured content into the library and checked it in.
    • While I was clearing out all the binary content, I was asked to remove all of the unused dependencies from our library template. All of our other libraries include SpringBoot and a bunch of other random crap, but I took the time to rip it all out and build a new version, and update our Hadoop jobs to use the latest one. The combined changes dropped the JAR from ~75 mb to 3k. XD
  • Hadoop Development
    • More flailing wildly trying to get our Hadoop testing and development process fixed. We’re on a new environment, and essentially it broke everything, so we have no way to develop, update, or test any of our Hadoop code.
    • Apparently this has been fixed (again).
  • TensorFlow / Sci-Py Clustering
    • Sat in with Phil for a bit looking at his latest fancy code and the output of the clusters. Very impressive, and the code is nice and clean. I’m really looking forward to moving over to predominantly Python code. I’m super burned out on Java right now, and would far rather be working on pure machine learning content rather than infrastructure and pre-processing. Maybe next sprint?
  • TFRecord Output
    • Got a chance to write a playground for TFRecord output and Python integration, before realizing that the TF ecosystem code only supports InputFormat/OutputFormat for Hadoop, and due to our current issues I cannot run those tests locally at all. *sad trombone*
  • Python Integration
    • My day is rapidly winding to a close, but slapping out the test code for the Python process launching so I can at least feel like I accomplished something today.
  • Cycling / Health
    • Didn’t get to cycle today because I spent 2 hours trying to get a blood test so my doctor can verify my triglycerides have gone down.