Phil 3.20.17


7:00 – 8:30 Research

  • Morning thought. If the perimeter is set to ‘lethal’, what is the SHR that required the lowest replenishment in an “All Exploit” scenario? Also, how many explorers are needed to keep a runaway echo chamber in range?
  • Need to factor in some of what Arendt talks about in her Bose-Einstein Condensate model of end-stage totalitarianism. Also ordered this
  • MASON is a fast discrete-event multiagent simulation library core in Java, designed to be the foundation for large custom-purpose Java simulations, and also to provide more than enough functionality for many lightweight simulation needs. MASON contains both a model library and an optional suite of visualization tools in 2D and 3D. Documentation here.
  • Working on poster. Going to try LaTex mostly to get better at it. Need to pull up my TEI poster to see the format we use. Using the beamerposter format. So far, pretty painless.

9:00 – 5:00 BRC

  • Create the framework
    • Reader – built the generator part
    • Clusterer – have simple DBSCAN working. It’s pickier than I would have thoughtclusters
    • Optimizer
    • Writer
  • Request time “off” for collective intelligence (June 15-16)  and  HCIC (June 25- 29), and vacation (June 4 – 11)