Phil 12.30.16

7:00 – 8:00, 8:30 – 5:00 Research

  • Cool thing. Maybe for Ravi?
  • Moving speed to FlockingBeiliefCA and adding slewRate – done. Added an update of the global belief to the agent manager behavior loop.
  • Calculate average heading
  • Calculate average center
  • Add decay based on distance?
    • Sorted list of boids by distance
    • Within a sphere of influence? the vector to the target is scaled by something like 1/distance. Done! looks great!
  • TODO:
    • Move localBehavior to FlockingBeiliefCA. pass in array of other beliefs and maybe the influence diameter
    • Make FlockingShape clusterable based on norms() to other Shape’s beliefs
    • For charting, calculate distances and direction cosine from average center. Export that to excel. We’ll need a sampling interval.
    • Start thinking about network connections

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