Phil 10.19.16

7:00 – 3:00 ASRC

  • Fixing slides
    • Add breadcrumbs in the lower border throughout
    • Move LMN slide to bridge lit review and current work
    • Overview Lit review slide that sets section titles with codes
    • Add timeline that starts back at the initial politifact paper
  • Moving content for Vinny
  • Starting on the lazy loading for the research browser
  • Need to move the settings out of the search page to the setting page and get them
  • TensorFlow seminar
    • @martin_wicke
    • TF is tooling to manage complexity
    • TF can run any algorithm addition -> Bayes -> deep neural nets -> etc
    • Multiple chained Neural Networks (NN)
    • Data center scale systems
    • Flow graph is written in Python and then compiled
    • State is maintained in nodes
    • First build the graph, then run it.
    • TensorBoard (visualization)
    • relu
    • TensorFlow uses CUDA8, so NVidia
    • TensorFlow runs on Linux (Ubuntu), MacOS, Windows coming soon (a week or 2) that will support GPUs
    • Tensorflow installed with pip?
    • Placeholders are like variables that require data from the user or TF doesn’t work.
    • Pre trained models exist. There is a tutorial that gives quick results that is used a pre-trained model
    • Performance tracing is available by use of flags. Run times and communication times

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