Phil 10.18.16

6:30 – 6:00 ASRC

  • IS Distinguished Speaker Dr. Margaret Burnett
    • Information foraging theory – Peter Pirolli biologically inspired mathematical models. Predator model?
    • Ignorance leads to unwitting barriers
    • Barrier level, not system level for design
    • GenderMag The goal is problem solving, not browsing. This is another behavioral marker? Depth-first vs. breadth first vs all first
      • Personas
        • Motivations
        • Information Processing Style
        • Computer self-efficacy
        • Risk averseness (confirm/avoid???)
        • Technology learning style (tinkering vs. tinkering pausfully – behavioral cue??)
  • TensorFlow lecture at noon. Video link. Nope – tomorrow.
  • Adding some code that will hide common prefixes in documents – done
  • Extremely Fast Text Feature Extraction for Classification and Indexing
  • Machine learning meeting. We’re going to start with a deployable, scalable simple junk filter.
  • Long discussion with Aaron about priorities and search spaces.
  • Fixing slides
    • Add breadcrumbs in the lower border throughout
    • Add overview slide
    • Tie back to diversity of thought vs monolithic thought
    • Move LMN slide to bridge lit review and current work
    • Overview Lit review slide that sets section titles with codes
      • Motivations – setting the stage
    • Rework domain independence slide. Maybe we’re not proving, but disproving the negative?
    • Add timeline that starts back at the initial politifact paper

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