Phil 9.8.16

7:00 – 4:00 ASRC

  • Shimei and Wayne have responded to the Doodle that I sent out last night. No reading as a result.
  • Need to write an abstract!
  • Working through the TODOs
  • Lunchtime ride thoughts
    • Social Trust is the prisoner’s dilemma. It depends on negotiation. The natural communication is stories. Behaviors are dominance, submission, rejection, etc…  God of stories
    • System Trust is the multi-armed bandit problem. It depends on navigation. The natural communication is diagrams and maps. Behaviors are explore/exploit
    • Collection Trust is about storage and access. It depends on counting The natural communication is lists and numbers. Behaviors are organizing, misplacing, loosing, hoarding, etc
    • Knowledge Dieties
  • True to my word, I now have a WebExceptionHandler that launches stackoverflow.
  • Need to register for EMNLP 2016. Early registration ends October 1.
  • Reviewing Chapter2
  • Reviewing Chapter 3
  • Discussion with Aaron about building corpora
    • Build a LanguageModelNetworks browser using WebView. Backend connects to DB for clickstream logging, page storage, CSEs, etc.
      • Name/select the collection that’s being worked on
      • Enter the search term(s)
      • Results come back from the specified CSEs
      • When a page is found that looks good, add it to the collection
        • TF-IDF and centrality is calculated based on the updated corpus (tab for the current display that allows for manipulation). Top n words are made available for insertion into the search term
        • Tag the page with some kind of smart, integrated tagger?
      • Rinse, lather, repeat.

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