Phil 8.19.16

7:00 – 3:30 ASRC

  • Wrote up the action items from the discussion with Thom last night. Now that I have the committee’s initial input, I need to write up an email and re-distribute. Done.
  • Had a thought about the initial GP model. In the fitness test, look for beliefs that are more than ATTRACTION_THRESHOLD similar and be more like them. Possibly look for beliefs that are less than REPULSION_THRESHOLD similar and make the anti-belief more like them. If a statement exists in both belief and antibelief, delete the lowest ranked item, or choose randomly.
    • Working through the logic in beliefMain. I’m just *slow* today.
    • Think I got it. Had to write a method ‘rectifyBeliefs’ that goes in BaseBeliefCA and makes sure that beliefs and antibeliefs don’t overlap. And it’s late enough in the day that I don’t want to try it in the full sim.
  • Working through the fact-checking section
  • Submitted ACM, ICA and UMBC reimbursement requests.

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