Phil 8.17.16

7:00 – 7:00 ASRC

  • Working on the fact checking section
  • Trying out different approaches to the polarization algorithm – still not quite right. I think I need onscreen printing to debug
  • Meeting with Don and Aaron. They’d like a more sophisticated belief calculation that ages off old statements as a way of avoiding regression to the mean. Also, triangulation on group polarization in different contexts. I’m suggesting sexual selection, which I’m using already, and stock bubbles. It does look like these systems have been explored extensively. The following cover a pretty good range of years (1989 – 2016)
  • Meeting with Shimei. She’d like a better description of how the results of experiments are used to adjust the model.
    • I think this will mean that there may be several models in the end.
      • Models of information browsing based on term collections generated in/between search sessions
      • Models of GUI use using the tool. Since the idea behind the GUI is to provide affordances that support explorers, confirmers and avoiders, using those sections that support those behaviors should provide good insight and an addition to the model that is language independent. I think this may also address Aaron’s IDE question. Though, to have the a group polarization effect, there needs to be a way of supporting a non-verbal conversation. Maybe the way the page gets set up is dynamically configured by the group use?

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