Phil 8.11.16

7:00 – 4:30 VTX

  • Scheduling Meetings with Aaron, Don, and Shimei.
  • Continuing with diagram.
  • Wrote up evaluation criteria for RQ3. Probably needs some fleshing out.
  • Integrating cluster tests! Done! Working!
  • Added a slider to manipulate where in the sorted list of distances the eps is taken from
  • In the BeliefAgentShape.getOpinions() set the belief and antibelief mechanisms the same. We get our antibeliefs from our neighbors.
  • Need to add an adjustable drag. Done
  • Still thinking about how to calculate opinions. Clearly, closer opinions should be more powerful. What about antiBeliefs? Is that a two-pass process?
  • 4:00 Acceptance meeting.

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