Phil 8.8.16

8:00 – 3:00 VTX


  • Continuing the The Sovereign Map. Definitely building my vocabulary. Interesting point: map, carte, etc are all descriptions of drawing. So the etymology of map does not address the concepts that support maps.
  • Need to add a ‘done’ condition to the discussion of the RQs. – Working this.
    • Added the evaluation criteria for 5.4.9.
  • Need to add diagram that connects research questions
  • Need to add some setup for each section
  • Add a study where subjects have explorer, confirmer and avoider roles when searching for an answer. (This should be in the E.C. for 5.4.4)
  • Add a final study that’s just ‘open search’? (This could be interesting with 5.4.5. It wouldn’t be any more coding than the Red Scare system. Still a Google CSE as the back end, but running through an intermediary server for logging.)