Phil 8.5.16

7:00 – 3:30 VTX


  • Started The Sovereign Map
  • Need to add a ‘done’ condition to the discussion of the RQs. – Working this.
    • Added the evaluation criteria for 5.4.6. Also added some discussion on how the model might help narrow the search space.
  • Need to add diagram that connects research questions
  • Need to add some setup for each section
  • Add a study where subjects have explorer, confirmer and avoider roles when searching for an answer. (This should be in the E.C. for 5.4.4)
  • Add a final study that’s just ‘open search’? (This could be interesting with 5.4.5. It wouldn’t be any more coding than the Red Scare system. Still a Google CSE as the back end, but running through an intermediary server for logging.)


  • Added mousewheel scale and mouse drag. Recentering isn’t quite right
  • Added reset button
  • Working on polarization
    • chance calculations seem to be working, but frequent enough sampling of far away to have all the items converge. Need to ponder. Maybe there’s a cost for keeping a statement that has a high average distance?
    • The current goal is to see the color groups collapse into homogeneous without combining into one group.
    • After that look into dissimilarity. Purge elements of similarity?
    • Would like to measure the overall force vector of a particular cluster as a proxy for group drift.

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