Phil 4.11.16

7:00 – 3:00 VTX

  • Make MOLST appointment today
  • Working on the outline
  • Continuing Technology, Humanness, and Trust: Rethinking Trust in Technology. Done! Meaty.
    • Page 907: While the relationship between human-like trust and outcomes is stronger in most cases, system-like trust still matters (see Figure 2). This may be because, in part, Facebook is a tool that helps one do social networking. I think this is important. When a tool has high system trust in a social context, it disappears, while the social aspect comes to the fore. This is true even if the tool is performing hidden tasks that influence the social interaction. This is related to relevance and pertinence, I think. As long as the social cies are presented in a way that feels pertinent (and is reliable?), it’s trusted explicitly as a system and implicitly as a player in the social interaction.
    • Clifford NassByron Reeves
  • ——————————-
  • TODOs in GoogleCSE2 buildQueryObjects() and buildNewQueryObjects():
    • Modify to take SmartTerm Object
      If there is a valid term, then create the query with po.getNamePermutations()
  • Finished. Building a new (small!) set of people to test with
  • Discussed how order affects search results with Andy. Need to think about that
  • Had an idea about running overspecified queries that return nothing, then backing off term by term until a hit. Running through the permutations that have very small numbers of hits looking for common hits might be a good way of getting good results?

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