Phil 3.25.16

7:30 – 3:30 VTX

  • Saw The Who last night and got into bed after 1:00am. Sleeeeeeeeeepy.
  • Still browsing the team sensemaking paper over breakfast. There are some very similar goals. In group polarization, the awareness of where the boundaries of the discussion help to determine how the average viewpoint moves. Current search returns no context on where the results lie on those axis. Translucency in search could allow users to see ‘meta information’ about the search results that they have and where the results lie in that information space, while also providing a means to adjust the position in that space in a way that is not intrusive. Or something like that.
  • Group polarization works on chatbots. There is something really interesting here about measuring polarization. Not quite sure what exactly yet.
  •  Continuing The Law of Group Polarization
    • Phrase of the day ‘Skewed Argument Pools
    • Page 187: And shifts toward more in the way of  enclave deliberation will increase society’s aggregate “argument pool,” and hence enrich the marketplace of ideas, while also increasing extremism, fragmentation, hostility, and even violence.
    • First, it’s a neat thought to think of an interwoven pattern of Bubbles and Stars. Second, I think the continuum to be most interested is the one from most bubble-ish to most star-ish for a given topic. Now that, in and of itself is a big document classification/topic extraction problem, but I would submit that being able to visualize what that search result could look like could help to produce useful work in that direction. And there are proxies that can be used intact, such as papers. Bubbles are papers and topics that point at each other a lot, for example.
    • Page 187: It is important to ensure social spaces for deliberation by like minded persons, but it is equally important to ensure that members of the relevant groups are not isolated from conversation with people having quite different views.
    • ^^^Translucency^^^
    • Page 187: The most important point here is that those who emphasize the ideals associated with deliberative democracy tend to emphasize its preconditions, which include political equality, an absence of strategic behavior, full information, and the goal of “reaching understanding (pp. 52-94).”
  • Scrum – some big changes coming?
  • 11:00 all hands
  • Working on backlink object
    • Started query generator, After some hiccups in getting the format of the query results right, the generation part is working. The reader should be pretty straightforward, though a little more complex/brittle than reading JSON. Here’s an example return:
      1;Visit AZ – Vacation Information for Arizona, the Grand Canyon State | Arizona Office of Tourism;;;Coordinates;29;116;1452309348;1452309348
      1;"""New Concertina Wire"" Fencing Around Closed Nevada Prison And Guard In Tower - Are Closed Prisons Going To Be Used As ""Fema Camps""? - Veteran Who Took Photos Followed By White Van";;;Coordinates;14;23;1443887704;1452368321
      1;Evening Meeting. - Kirkham & Rural Fylde;;;Coordinates;170;59;1444332718;1457694435
      1;Visit AZ – Vacation Information for Arizona, the Grand Canyon State | Arizona Office of Tourism;;;Coordinates;29;115;1447807529;1457622986
      1;Visit AZ – Vacation Information for Arizona, the Grand Canyon State | Arizona Office of Tourism;;;Coordinates;29;113;1454861531;1457744933
      1;UNIST -;;;Coordinates;60;48;1448012851;1454851002
      1;1 عدد تمبر جان مون نت - دیپلمات - جمهوری فدرال آلمان 1977;;;Coordinates;27;1308;1452387237;1452387237
      1;About Puslinch Lake - Calmwaters Cottage & Fly Fishing;;;Coordinates;42;12;1454519315;1457440491
      1;PEABODY 100 -;;;Coordinates;32;16;1454518621;1454518621
      1;PEABODY SPORTS -;;;Coordinates;21;16;1454518773;1454518773
    • SemRushIO will create the backlink object
      • Calls the service, using a default or read-in key
      • Is fired the same time the page source is loaded (in GuiVars.loadNextPage)
      • Creates a BackLinkObject data from SEMRush includes:
        • page_score
        • source_title
        • source_url
        • target_url
        • anchor (the text in the source)
        • external_num
        • internal_num
        • first_seen
        • last_seen
    • ResultItemObject2 changes
      • Set of BackLinkObjects

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