Phil 3.24.16

7:00 – 10:00, 11:00 – 3:00 VTX

  • Was going to continue The Law of Group Polarization, but got sucked into the following. On a related note, I peeked at the group sensemaking paper from CSCW and realized that they are dealing with group polarization issues.
  • Soooooooooo, I went back to check the links that the google search “link:” brings up. In looking at the pages (mostly other blog-like sites), the link to dotearth is almost always in the blogroll list that’s off to the side on many of these sites. For example look at the lower right on, and you’ll see the link.
  • I think this makes sense. These are the generic pages that point to other generic pages. So I went back to Google and searched for ‘Paul Krugman blog‘ and then looked for the oldest post that I could find in the result, which was this one from January 16. Top ratings means that it has to be linked to a lot, so I tried ““. Alas, that doesn’t return anything, though “” does.
  • So I went to the the Wikipedia most referenced pages page. Top ranked was Geographic coordinate system, which has over 600k inbound links. But –
  • Apparently, this is Google being coy. Searching for backlinks can be expensive. Moz has plans that start at $500/month. Bing also seems to have something with an API. Starting to check that out.
    • Added to my bing webmaster profile. Had to add BingSiteAuth.xml to the site.
    • Nope, looks like it’s just the verified pages
  • Looking at SEMrush. Pretty straightforward and $15 buys you 7,500 lines of results.
    • Here’s the REST-ish API
    • Here’s the first format I’ve tried:
    • The first thing I tried out was on my angular blog entry, and this is what comes back:
      1;Philip Feldman;;;blog;7;2;1435698192;1452178691
      1;Phil Feldman Resume (WebGL);;;My Primary Blog;15;4;1424207638;1452178080
      1;Phil Feldman Resume (WebGL);;;My Primary Blog;15;4;1435689880;1452178091
    • Pretty good! Very clean. Then I tried
      0;Plastic Surgery - Avoiding The Nightmare Case - Social Gaming Wiki FR;;;Georgia Medical Board Actions;4;32;1454582397;1454582397
      0;Plastic Surgeon - Advice To Allow You Choose – TFC;;;Doctors to avoid;2;28;1452634501;1452634501
      0;Finding A Plastic Surgeon In Your Area – TheorieWiki;;;Ohio Medical Board Actions;4;40;1451297137;1451297137
      0;How To Prepare For Your Breast Augmentation – TheorieWiki;;;Doctor Complaints;4;33;1444916428;1453210146
      0;Finding A Plastic Surgeon In Your Area: Unterschied zwischen den Versionen – TheorieWiki;;;Florida Medical Board Sanctions;4;39;1457400844;1457400844
      0;Benutzer:FelicaAngelo06 – TheorieWiki;;;NC Medical Board Actions;5;35;1448297485;1458043290
      0;Benutzer:FelicaAngelo06 – TheorieWiki;;;;5;35;1448297485;1458043290
      0;Benutzer:FelicaAngelo06 – TheorieWiki;;;NC Medical Board Actions;5;30;1456257160;1457931212
      0;Benutzer:FelicaAngelo06 – TheorieWiki;;;;5;30;1456257160;1457931212
      0;Finding A Plastic Surgeon In Your Area – TheorieWiki;;;Florida Medical Board Sanctions;4;33;1443858328;1457622408
    • Note that it’s a good thing I’m limiting the results to 10! The second thing to notice is every one of these links is SEO garbage. This one is my favorite. Now, this is ordered according to rank (however that’s calculated) and maybe there are better ways to order the results, but this does make me nervous about using backlinks without some checking. Maybe cosine similarity?
    • So the last thing, if we want to spend some money is to use the common crawl for backlinks. Not sure if it would make any difference, but there would be more insight. As an example, there’s wikireverse which did exactly that.