Phil 3.22.16

7:00 – 7:30

  • I think I want to install this???
  • Still thinking about social trust and system trust. Today, Brussels was attacked by ISIS or ISIS sympathisers. An official when interviewed said that Belgium had been ‘prepared’ and was ready. No one was surprised that one group of people would try to kill another group of people. In other news, the iPhone from another set of killers was unflaggingly resisting attempts to unlock it. In many ways, every day (ironically because of the news) we are informed how horrible and untrustworthy people can be. And at the same time, every day, our machines generally do what they are supposed to do, and when looked at over time, get better at it. Is it any wonder that we have high system trust and low social trust (or high cynicism?).
  • This isn’t really new. Music can be pure. Musicians can be awful.
  • Continuing The Law of Group Polarization.
    • Page 181: Thus when the  context emphasizes  each  person’s  membership  in  the  social  group  engaging  in deliberation,  polarization  increases.  This finding  is  in  line  with  more  general evidence  that social  ties  among  deliberating  group  members  tend  to  suppress dissent  and  in  that  way  to  lead  to  inferior  decisions.
      • So a website with a strong point of view (Breitbart or Moveon or PETA for example) should have less variance among commenters, while more balanced should have more variance? Data may be here: I would think that these could be compared against edit histories on Wikipedia for a more Star-like pattern?
    • Persuasive Arguments Theory (PAT)?
    • Interaction with others increases decision confidence but not decision quality: evidence against information collection views of interactive decision making.
      • So in this case, the paper was scanned and protected, so I couldn’t do OCR on it. The workaround was to export as jpg, then open the first jpg in Acrobat DC, select Tools->organize pages then Inset->from file, shift-click all the pages, select ‘insert after’ and read them in. Once that’s done go to ‘Enhance scans’ and run OCR on the file.
      • Anyway, the paper looks interesting, with quantitative support. I wonder why all this research seems to be focussed in the 1990s through early 2000s? The Wikipedia page on Group Polarization has a wider date range.
  • Working on the rating app. Worried that jsoup doesn’t seem to be pulling down pages that well
    • Got a 403 on using URL.openStream, but it works on Google.
    • Going to try a more web-scapey pattern. Checking out Jaunt.
  • Changing the selection lists
  • Adding a check to see what ratings have changed as a user check – Done
  • Need to start on the backlinks.
  • Meeting with Aaron about next steps based on the

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