Phil 3.21.16

7:30 – 4:30 VTX

  • Class today
    • Two things – First, I wonder if we as researchers need to use the GSA standards for storing PII:
      • Encryption. Encrypt, using only NIST certified cryptographic modules, all data on mobile computers/devices carrying agency data unless the data is determined not to be sensitive, in writing, by your Deputy Secretary25 or a senior-level individual he/she may designate in writing;
      • Control Remote Access. Allow remote access only with two-factor authentication where one of the factors is provided by a device separate from the computer gaining access;
      • Time-Out Function. Use a “time-out” function for remote access and mobile devices requiring user re-authentication after thirty minutes of inactivity;
      • Log and Verify. Log all computer-readable data extracts from databases holding sensitive information and verify each extract, including whether sensitive data has been erased within 90 days or its use is still required; and
      • Ensure Understanding of Responsibilities. Ensure all individuals with authorized access to personally identifiable information and their supervisors sign at least annually a document clearly describing their responsibilities.
    • Second, basically every security measure we take in a closed network provides a value judgement to the owner of the network. But our high system trust prevents us from seeing that when we untag a picture of us doing something embarrasing, we’re essentially saying to Facebook ‘this is a guilty pleasure‘.
  • Taxes this evening
  • In Emergencies, Should You Trust a Robot?
  • Starting The Law of Group Polarization. And in a semi-related thought, I wonder if flocking behavior can be used to describe this kind of behavior along dimensions of belief???
    • Cass R. Sunstein
    • Wacky. The text was unrecognizable so the quotation manager wouldn’t work. Wound up exporting the PDF to jpg, then using the ‘combine files’ tool to import all the pages, combining them into one document again then running OCR on that. And this was the official file from the Journal of Political Philosophy, so go figure.
  • Did some shepherding of the Crawl configuration. Gregg was sending 4 CSEs.
  • Finished up the CSEkiller. Wrote up documentation and added it to the CommonComponents.
  • Back to getting the rating app working.
  • Changing Provider to PersonOfInterest
  •  Need to add ‘Personal’, ‘Educational’ and ‘Other’ to sources

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