Phil 1.26.16

7:00 – 3:00 VTX

  • Finished the Crowdseeding paper. I was checking out the authors, and went to Macartan Humphreys’ website. He’s been doing interesting work, and he’s up in NYC at Colombia, so it would be possible to visit. Anyway, there is one paper that looks very interesting: Mixing Methods: A Bayesian Approach. It’s about inferring information from quantitative and qualitative sources. Anyway, it sounds related, both to how I’m putting together my proposal and how the overall system should(?) work.
  • Reviewing a paper. Don’t forget to mention other analytic systems like Palantir Gotham
  • On to Theme-based Retrieval of Web News. And in looking at papers that cite this, found The Hybrid Representation Model for Web Document Classification. Not too impressed with the former. The latter looks like it contains some good overview in the previous works section. One of the authors: Mark Last (lots of data discovery in large data sets)
  • Downloading new IntelliJ. Ok, back to normal and the tutorial.
    • Huh. Tried loading the (compact) “N-TRIPLES” format, which barfed, even though Jena wrote out the file. The (pretty) “RDF/XML-ABBREV” works for read and write though. Maybe I’m using the wrong read() method? Pretty is good for now anyway. The goal is to have a human-readable / RDF format anyway.
    • Can do some primitive search and navigation-like behavior, but not getting where I want to go. For example, it’s possible to list all the resources:
      ResIterator iter = model.listResourcesWithProperty(prop);
          Resource r = iter.nextResource();
          StmtIterator iter = resource.listProperties(prop);
    • But getting the parent of any of those resources is not supported. It looks like this requires using the Jena Ontology API, so on to the next tutorial…
    • Got Gregg’s simpleCredentials.owl file and was able to parse. Now I need to unpack it and create a dictionary.
    • Finished with the Jena Ontology API . No useful navigation, so very disappointing. Going to take the model.listStatements and see if I can assemble a tree (with relationships?) for the dictionary taxonomy conversion tomorrow.

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