Phil 1.25.16

8:00 – 4:00 VTX

  • Working from home today
  • I think a good goal is to put together a human-readable dictionary input-output file. Need to ask Gregg about file formats he uses.
  • Downloaded the sandbox files for JPA and SNLP projects
  • Updating my Intellij
    • Indexing…
    • Installing plugin updates
    • Still indexing…
    • Testing.
      • Stanford NLP: Missing the ‘models’ jar file – fixed
      • JavaJPA: Worked first time
  • Updating Java to 8u72
  • Pinged Gregg about what file format he uses. It’s RDF. He’s sending an example that I’m going to try to import with Apache Jana.
  • Created Jena project.
  • After a frustrating detour into Maven with Intellij, imported the Jena libraries directly.
  • Whoops, forgot to set log4j.
  • Starting the tutorial.
  • Ok, good progress. I can create a model, add resources, and print out the XML representation. I think a variation of this should be fine to describe the dictionary:
     <rdf:Description rdf:about="http://somewhere/JohnSmith">
     <vcard:N rdf:parseType="Resource">
     <vcard:FN>John Smith</vcard:FN>
  • But now, I’m going to try my snowshoes out for lunch…
  • Ok, back from the adventure.
  • Writing out files – done
  • Reading in files – done
  • Checking project into Subversion done

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