Phil 1.15.16

7:00 – 4:00 VTX

  • Finished Communication Power and Counter-power in the Network Society
  • Started The Future of Journalism: Networked Journalism
  • Here’s a good example of a page with a lot of outbound links, videos and linked images. It’s about the Tunisia uprising before it got real traction. So can we now vet it as a trustworthy source? Is this a good pattern? The post is by Ethan Zuckerman. He directs the Center for Civic Media at MIT, among other things.
  • Public Insight Network: “Every day, sources in the Public Insight Network add contextdepthhumanity and relevance to news stories at trusted newsrooms around the country.”
  • Hey, my computer wasn’t restarted last night. Picking up JPA at Queries and Uncommitted Changes.
  • Updating all the nodes as objects:
    //@NamedQuery(name = "BaseNode.getAll", query = "SELECT bn FROM base_nodes bn")
    TypedQuery<BaseNode> getNodes = em.createNamedQuery("BaseNode.getAll", BaseNode.class);
    List<BaseNode> nodeList = getNodes.getResultList();
    Date date = new Date();
    for(BaseNode bn : nodeList){
  • Updating all nodes with a JPQL call:
    //@NamedQuery(name = "BaseNode.touchAll", query = "UPDATE base_nodes bn set bn.accessCount = (bn.accessCount+1), bn.lastAccessedOn = :lastAccessed")
    TypedQuery<BaseNode> touchAllQuery = em.createNamedQuery("BaseNode.touchAll", BaseNode.class);
    touchAllQuery.setParameter("lastAccessed", new Date());
  • And we can even add in query logic. This updates the accessed date and increments the accessed count if it’s not null:
    @NamedQuery(name = "BaseNode.touchAll", query = "UPDATE base_nodes bn " +
            "set bn.accessCount = (bn.accessCount+1), " +
            "bn.lastAccessedOn = :lastAccessed " +
            "where NOT (bn.accessCount IS NULL )")

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