Phil 1.14.16

7:00 – 4:00 VTX

  • Good Meeting with Thom Lieb
    • Here’s a good checklist for reporting on different types of stories:
    • Ordered Melvin Mencher’s News Reporting and Writing
    • Discussed Chatbots, fashion in technology, and NewsTrust, a fact-checking site that piloted out of Baltimore in 2011. This post explains why it wound up folding. Important note: Tie into social media for inputs and outputs!!!
  • Added Communication Power and Counter-power in the Network Society to the corpus
  • Manuel Castells is the author of the above. Really clear thinking. Added another paper, The Future of Journalism: Networked Journalism
  • Had an interesting chat with an ex-cop about trustworthiness. He’s a fan of the Reid Technique and had a bunch of perspectives that I hadn’t considered. Looking for applications to text, I came across this, which looks potentially relevant: Eliciting Information and Detecting Lies in Intelligence Interviewing: An Overview Of Recent Research
  • Todd Schneider analyzes big data in interesting posts on his blog.
  • Chapter 7 Using Queries
    • JPQL
    • Totally digging the @NamedQuery annotation.
    • How to paginate a result:
      int pageSize = 15;
      int maxPages = 10;
      for(int curPage = 0; curPage < maxPages; ++curPage){
          List l = nt.runRawPagedQuery(GuidBase.class, curPage, pageSize, "SELECT,, gb.guid FROM guid_base gb");
          if(l == null || l.size() == 0){
              System.out.println("Batch ["+curPage+"]");
    • Stopping at Queries and Uncommitted Changes, in case my computer is rebooted under me tonight.