Phil 12.9.15

7:00 – VTX

  • Learning: Near Misses, Felicity Conditions
    • One shot learning
    • Describing the difference between the desired goal/object and near misses. Model is decorated with information is important.
      • Relations are in imperative form (must not touch, must support, etc.)
    • Pick a seed
    • Apply your heuristics until all the positives are included
    • Then use negatives to throw away unneeded heuristics
    • Use a beam search
    • Near misses lead to specialization, compare to general models lead to generalization (look for close items using low disorder measures for near misses and high for examples?)
    • Model Heuristics (
      An application of variable-valued logic to inductive learning of plant disease diagnostic rules)

      • Require Link (Specialization step)
      • Forbid Link (Specialization step)
      • Extend Set (Generalization step)
      • Drop Link (Generalization step)
      • Climb Tree (Generalization step)
    • Packaging ideas
      • Symbol associated with the work – a visual handle
      • Slogan – a verbal handle (‘Near Miss’ learning)
      • Surprise – Machine can learn something definate from a single example
      • Salient – something that sticks out (One shot learning via near misses)
      • Story
  • More dev machine setup
    • Added typescript-install to the makefile tasks, since I keep on forgetting about it.
    • Compiled and ran WebGlNeworkCSS. Now I need to set up the database.
    • Got that in, but had a problem with the new db having problems with the text type of PASSWORD(). I had to add COLLATE to the where clause as follows:
      "UPDATE tn_users set password = PASSWORD(:newPassword) where password = PASSWORD(:oldPassword) COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci and login = :login"
    • last error is that the temp network isn’t being set in the dropdown for available networks. Fixed. It turned out to be related to the new typescript compiler catching some interface errors that the old version didn’t.
  • Ok, I think it’s time to start writing up what the current system is and how it works.

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