Monthly Archives: November 2015

Phil 11.5.15

7:00 – 4:00 SR

  • Meeting with financial analysts.
  • Work on downloading and compiling projects from the current repository.
  • Need to update the old dev box that was set up to do Flash Development. Can’t get a new copy of FB 4.6.
    • Now on update 46 of 61… Ok Done
    • Tried installing Dong’s server code on Luna – didn’t recognize the folders as Java projects. He was using Mars (4.5.0) Trying that, and following Dong’s notes.

Phil 11.4.15

7:00 – 3:30 SR

  • And we have more confusion on what’s happening. Still going through the process of bringing everything inside.
  • Helped Al a bit on how money moves around in the system
  • Set up Al in the integration scripting system.
  • Long discussions about requirements

Phil 11.3.15

7:00 – 5:30 SR

  • I’ve decided I don’t like heading home in the dark, so I’m going to stay on daylight savings time. Or at least give it a shot. 4:45 am looks very early on my clock….
  • Getting the SW documentation over to Al.
    • For some reason the System diagrams weren’t in the SVN repo. Fixed that and sent a zip file over to Bill.
  • Status report!
  • Meeting with Al and Lenny about future work. I literally have no idea if we should just set everything up for maintenance or build a new NLP-based search engine for financial questions. Hopefully Lenny can get some answers.
  • Meeting at Infotek. Al is now the lead. I am to package everything up for deployment. Future work will be on some other vehicle.
  • Trying to get FB 4.7 running, but it’s hanging on the launch screen while thrashing the CPU. Fortunately it was just a test. Pulling down everything from the new repository to build on FB 4.6. Verifying that FB 4.6 should work
  • Setting up a subversion server


8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • Al came on board today. Showed him around the system, discovering that the scripting system wasn’t working on the production server. Fixed that, and downloaded a copy of the documentation for him to look at. Also gave him accounts on the integration server for him to poke around.
  • Fixed the Reqonciler bug. Had to insert the modified query directly into the reqonciler table to get around odd quote-escaping issues.
  • Updated Friday’s work from the repo. Updated the database and ran the term extraction and dictionary tests.
  • Working on dictionary access methods.
    • Got AddEntry and Remove Entry working. Also removed the tn_dictionary table and stuck the dictionary_id in the tn_dictionary_entries table.
    • Added cascade entry/modification of parent if it doesn’t exist. Otherwise the indices won’t work.