Phil 11.18.15

7:00 – 5:00 Leave

  • Search: Depth-First, Hill Climbing, Beam
    • Looks like I missed one. Will go back tomorrow.
    • Patrick Winston is the instructor, and he showed a version of Genesis (around 42 minutes in), which maps stories into graphs and then searches through them at different levels of abstraction. It is capable of providing relevant answers to questions. Here’s a white paper. What I think is interesting here is the following:
      • How they describe their hierarchy (revenge, tit-for-tat, etc). This is built, not computed based on what looks to be a rules engine.
      • How text in a story can be looked at as a graph.
      • And that’s without reading the paper!
  • Working on dictionary directive
    • Ramifying the dictionary choice through the controller. It should be set initially when the network loads (done), but should be changed if a new one is selected.
    • There does need to be a second step where the DictPull is run and the text of the items is compared against the selected dictionary and KEYWORDS items are added to the network. This is when the network’s dictionary index should be changed.
    • Downloading the dictionary.
    • Need to upload a new word
  • 12:00 workshop on Grant Writing in ITE 459
  • 4:00 meeting with Dr. Pan.