Phil 11.17.15

7:00 – 4:00 leave

  • Reasoning: Goal Trees and Problem Solving (why is this pertinent to me?)
    • Apply all safe transforms
    • Apply heuristics
    • AND nodes and OR nodes (AND/OR, problem reduction, or goal tree)
  • Realized that I have a redundant user_id in tn_dictionary_entries. This could be used to allow non-owners to add words to the dictionary. Which means that dictionaries could be shared. On the whole, I think that’s a good idea. Adding the change to the dictionary code.
  • Ok, back to text extraction (Is this a safe transform?)
  • Added a _buildExtractor() private method and imported all the extractor parts.
  • It does take a long time. Just to load? I’d like to try profiling…
  • Wow. Extracting, loading into the database, getting the JSON output and deleting the dictionary all work!
  • I think the next step is to either get some definitions or start building the directive. After my lunchtime ride, I decided that the directive is probably the best thing to do next. Adding user functionality is a good way of ensuring that the server functionality makes sense.
  • Added ‘get_user_dictionaries‘ to rssPull.php. We’ll start with that.
  • Got the skeleton of a directive up and retrieving the dictionary list.