Phil 10.28.15

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • Walked through the FA bug with Dong on the phone. Took some screenshots that I will send over tonight.
  • Add a DictionaryText class that uses a passed-in tag list to determine what items to create associations to. Low edit-distance matches get added to the item. Possibly the keyword list can be hierarchical?
  • Add a tn_dictionary table with fields for word, type (optional), description (optional), server_code (optional), parent (optional), and user_id. Multiple users can have different versions of the same word. When a new word is entered, the content of the network is rescanned and items that contain the keyword link to it. We will need to know which definition is being used in the network, since it will point to the master item. – Done, except for the last part
    • The server_code field would include scripts/regexes or something similar that could do special text scanning. This would require the use of eval, for example. In the db, but not used.
  • So now, when an external query is made, only items from the result that contain words in the dictionary will be added to the network. Done and working in the DB and PHP!Done and working in the DB and PHP!
  • There should also be a ‘resubmit’ button that looks for new material while running the stored queries. TODO
  • It’s possible to use NLP, particularly five filter’s, to create a strawman dictionary as a starting point. TODO
  • Meeting with Dr. Pan
    • There are different contexts that a keyword dictionary needs to be aware of. Resumes have skills, tasks and achievements. Scientific papers have contributions and methods, financial data has budget centers, companies, clients, invoices, etc.
    • Phrases add specificity, single words can be very noisy.