Phil 10.20.15

8:00 – 4:00 SR

  • Need to change the QueryHistory list to Visible Ranks. Done
  • Google custom search, and pricing
  • Started on ‘manual’ item. Need to add an IDENTITY association so that items that are connected will still show up in the dataObject query. Added to tn_types. Will need to work on the queries;
  • Added most of the Javascript guts to send the manual item to the PHP. Need to do that side next. And don’t forget to add an IDENTITY link on the PHP or the item won’t come back.
    • Any time a link is added, delete IDENTITY links if the IDENTITY item is the source or target..?
  • Need to make it so that all associations have adjustable weights. It probably should be based on the item that is the source, but maybe independent ‘advanced’ manipulation should be possible?

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