Phil 10.19.15

8:00 – 12:00 SR

  • Add  the check in the flyout directive that looks at the user_id and read_only coming back. If the user_id is not the current user_id from the session object, force the network to be read_only regardless of its listing in the db
    • Populated network 3 for user_id = 3. Done, and verified on the server.
  • Need to change the QueryHistory list to Visible Ranks.
  • Try running a pdf through alchemy. It returns a ‘non-html’ error. However, I can parse the pdf in PHP and then send the text off to Alchemy for analysis
    • I think though, that the way to do this is to add a ‘manual’ item. This would add the following fields(?):
      • Text_content – cut and paste of the text that matters
      • Authors (comma separated authors – add validation and parsing)
      • The rest of the items could be the RSS2.0 spec, which makes sense anyway.
      • This would require a new button and a new directive. On ‘save, the text_content gets sent to alchemy for the creation of the keyword(?) network. The other items (title, author, etc) get added to the network explicitly.
      • This does mean that when when an item is added to the network, that there are other ‘items’ lie author that should be attached automatically.