Phil 10.13.15

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • Sent the (hopefully) fixed FA and RA to Bill
  • Think I got my accesses fixed. Again
  • Adding behaviors to support the changes I made to the GUI yesterday.
    • Unlink (from Wampeter)
      • GUI – done. Lots of oddness with the <select> directive.
        • Fixed the blank first selection by setting the initial values in the guiVars object (I’m using to keep things clean) to null.
        • The ng-model is being set to a JSON string. So I had to get the object pointer from the list used to populate the select. In this case I used the guid. What a hack!
      • DB – TODO
    • Link to wampeter
      • GUI – TODO
      • DB – TODO
    • Update wampter DB – TODO
    • Update Rating DB – TODO

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